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Clinical interests and expertise revolve around delivery of mental health care to seriously ill children, adolescents, adults and families both locally and globally. Significant experience in working with and treating individuals from diverse backgrounds. Devotion to educating the medical and lay community about disparities in mental health, creating cultural formulations and confronting biases. 

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Dr. Nicole Christian-Brathwaite

Dr. Nicole Christian-Brathwaite, MD is a nationally recognized Board-Certifi ed Adult, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. Dr. Christian-Brathwaite is the CEO and Founder of Well Minds Psychiatry and Consulting Company, PLLC. Dr. Christian-Brathwaite has expertise in Perinatal and Post-Partum Mental Health, trauma informed care, telepsychiatry, mental health in communities of color, school psychiatry, implicit bias and racism in mental health. She has extensive clinical experience with adults, children, adolescents, transitional and college aged youth.

After graduating from University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, she joined the Adult Psychiatry Residency Program and then completed fellowship in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship at Massachusetts General/Mclean Hospital. She is the former Medical Director at Riverside Community Care a large community mental health clinic.

Dr. Christian-Brathwaite’s clinical focus is on delivery of mental health care to seriously ill children, adolescents, adults and families both locally andglobally. She has traveled extensively and conducted research in Liberia andGhana, West Africa, as well as Italy. Dr. Christian-Brathwaite has significant experience working with and treating individuals from diverse backgrounds. She has devoted a substantial amount of her medical career to educating the medical and lay community about disparities in mental health, creating cultural formulations, and confronting biases. Dr. Christian-Brathwaite has written about and provided training on Implicit Bias in Medicine and Behavioral Health Care. She specializes in working with educators and schools to reduce stigma, decrease expulsion and suspension rates and improve the overall education of children with mental health needs. Dr. Christian-Brathwaite provides expert consultation, assessment and strategic planning to organizations and hospitals around diversity, cultural humility and disparities. She regularly participates in radio, TV and news interviews and community events about mental health and wellness in African American and other communities.

Dr. Christian-Brathwaite was selected as a member of the inaugural class of the Women’s Wellness through Equity and Leadership program, sponsored by the American Psychiatric Association and the American Physician’s Foundation. She has given lectures throughout the country on topics such as “Adverse Childhood Experiences in the School Environment”, “Prioritizing Self Care”, “Anxiety in African American Communities”, “Post-Partum Depression in Women of Color”, “Implicit Bias in Schools”, “Becoming Anti-racist: From Individual to Institutional Change”, “Combating Racism in Medicine”, “Trauma and Equity in Mental Health” and “Supporting the Mental Health of Students”.


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Presented by the AMA Women Physicians Section 2019 Inspiration Award Honorees (

The AMA Women Physicians Section (WPS) Inspiration Award (formerly the Inspirational Physicians Recognition Program) honors and acknowledges physicians who have offered their time, wisdom and support throughout the professional careers of fellow physicians, residents and students.

Recent Publications:

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Implicit Bias Q&A with Dr. Nicole Christian-Brathwaite
Nicole Christian-Brathwaite, MD, Medical Director at Riverside Community Care, recently had her article “Implicit Bias: What every pediatrician should know about the effect of bias on health and future directions” published in the journal, Pediatric and Adolescent Healthcare. In this Q&A, Dr. Christian-Brathwaite discusses her paper and the role implicit bias might have in one’s treatment.


Jeanette Schnierle, Nicole Christian-Brathwaite, Margee Louisias. Implicit Bias: What Every Pediatrician Should Know About the Effect of Bias on Health and Future Directions. Curr Probl Pediatr Adolesc Health Care 2019; 000:1-11


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Closing the Mental Health Treatment Gap through the Collaboration of Traditional and Western Medicine in Liberia.
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